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Criminal Or Eviction History — $20.95

Both — $24.95

  • Evictions can be stressful and cost you unnecessary time and expenses. Use rTenant™ to verify your rental applicant's criminal & eviction history.

    Avoid property damage, get paid fully and on time, and ensure your tenants will be respectful of you and your property. Save time and money in the long run and most importantly, have peace of mind. rTenant™ reports are affordable, quick, and comprehensive — you'll have results within minutes.

    No matter if you’re renting out a single home or a few properties, we’ve got you covered. Backed by Real ID, Inc, rTenant™ offers the same quality and scope of screening solutions that large property management firms rely on. There are no monthly commitments. Purchase what you need whenever you need it.

  • Landlords have become vigilant about the risk factors associated with renter backgrounds. Use rTenant™ to verify your rental eviction history before applying.

    Enter your personal information into our eviction search and find out if you have any eviction records before you file a rental application. An eviction on your record is not ideal, but it doesn't necessarily disqualify you from tenancy either. Knowing exactly what's on your rental eviction history and being proactive about it will help you secure the rental property you desire.

    You can also find out if there are any criminal judgments on your record with our nationwide criminal search. This will help you identify and deal with any potential red flags before submitting any applications.

A few dollars now could save you thousands later.

  • Instant Reports - No Sign Ups!
  • Search Over 210 Million Records
  • Nationwide Criminal Searches
  • Nationwide Eviction Searches
  • Felony, Misdemeanor, Sex Offender
  • Evictions, Liens, Civil Judgments


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    M. Iglesias
    Villa Bellini Condo Assoc

  • “Real ID was a major upgrade over our previous Employment Screening Provider. Turnaround time was greatly reduced and at a discount. Customer service is excellent!”

    R. Nordstrom
    BH Management

  • “We have used different companies to handle our background checks over the years, but have found Real ID to be the best in terms of providing thorough checks and helpful customer service if we have any questions.”

    J. Ford
    SPHR EXCO Resources, Inc

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    A. C.
    V. Healthcare

  • “Real ID is so much more than a tenant screening company. Their platform allows us to fully streamline our processes and saves us time and money!”

    Regional Manager

Criminal Background Checks

Search the most comprehensive online criminal database available for felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, DUIs and other relevant crimes. This database is comprised of data from court records, Department of Corrections, law enforcement and sex offender registries numbering in excess of 175 million criminal records.


Rental Eviction History

Search over 35 million records nationwide for evictions, liens, judgments and other civil filings. Our eviction reports use finely tuned algorithms to identify individual matches and summarize findings in an easy to read, color coded format so that you can quickly and easily screen prospective applicants within a matter of minutes.


Credit Checks

Quick, reliable and secure,  rTenant™ allows independent landlords to run credit checks on propsective renters easily online to make educated leasing decisions within a matter of minutes. Once screening is authorized, reports are generated and sent directly to you.

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Criminal Check


  • Instant Online Reports
  • Results within Minutes
  • No Sign Up Necessary
  • Nationwide, State, and County
  • Search 175+ Million Criminal Records
  • Felony, Misdemeanor, Sex Offender

Purchase what you need as you go!


Eviction History


  • Instant Online Reports
  • Results within Minutes
  • No Sign Up Necessary
  • Nationwide, State, and County
  • Search 35+ Million Eviction Records
  • Evictions, Liens, Civil Judgments

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Silver Package


  • Eviction History
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Comprehensive Online Databases
  • Save 60% for Best Value

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Gold Package


  • Includes Credit Check
  • Includes Criminal Check
  • Includes Eviction History
  • Most Comprehensive Report
  • Save 50% off Regular Pricing
  • Results within Minutes

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A few dollars now could save you thousands later.