Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I run a background check or obtain rental eviction history?

There are two ways: buy online or sign up for an account. The main difference is that with an account, you'll always be able to view the reports that you ordered, where as online purchases need to be saved locally by you on your computer.

Q. Do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee?

No! We have no subscription fees. You are charged per applicant for the products you order so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Q. Do background checks and rental eviction searches impact credit?

No. These searches do not affect anyone's credit score or credit worthiness. We do not perform credit checks or contact credit bureaus to compile this information on your applicants.

Q. How do I run a credit check?

Credit checks can only be performed by signing up for an account. They cannot be purchased anonymously online. This is because credit bureaus require partners like us to be able to identify individuals who request credit information through us so that they can adequately combat identify theft and fraud, if the need arises.

Q. I'm signing up for an account. Why do you need my Social Security Number?

To combat the growing problem of identify theft and fraud, credit bureaus require partners like us to be able to identify individuals who request credit information through our system in order to facilitate any investigations of fraud that may arise. Since our service is an online service and entirely a "do it yourself" tool, we do not know who you are and as such, we request information like SSN to help us identify you. We do not use this information for any other purpose than to help combat fraud.

Q. How long does it take to process a rental application?

All of our reports are processed in a matter of minutes! If you signed up for an account and requested that the applicant complete the rental application themselves online, then as soon as their payment is applied, the report you ordered will be processed.

Q. Do you have a rental application form I can use?

Yes. If you don't have your own rental application form, we have one you can download (click the link below) and use as you need:

Rental Application Form

Q. What information is returned from rTenant™?

Depending on the product(s) you ordered, you will have full access to the applicant(s) criminal Records and eviction filings. With regard to credit checks, you will only have the ability to view summary information along with our proprietary score and recommendation.

Q. Can I email the rental application to the applicant(s) for them to complete?

Yes! Within the 1st step of the guided rTenant™ process, the Landlord has the ability to determine who will be filling out the Rental Application. The rTenant™ system will automatically email the Applicant(s) the request to complete the application.

Q. Can I forward on the application fee to the applicant(s) to pay?

Yes! Also within the 1st step of the guided rTenant™ process, the landlord has the ability to determine who will be paying the application fee.

Q. What is the cost of processing an rTenant™ Background Check?

For a full list of pricing and package options, see our pricing information.

Q. Are volume discounts offered?

rTenant™ is intended for independent landlords and smaller management companies (typically around 1-150 rental units). If you screen more than 10 applicants per month, please contact our sales department to discuss eligibility for the Real ID platform.

Q. Do association members receive discounts?

rTenant™ works with association groups to provide its members discounted services. Please contact us to determine association discount eligibility.

Q. Are criminal background and eviction histories nationwide?

Yes. We search through state and national databases to bring you the most comprehensive results possible.

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